Mr. Hubert Silva : Mathematics & Chemistry Specialist

Our Applied and Pure Mathematics specialist graduate Teacher Mr. Hubert Silva was with an in-born devotion to the subject Chemistry too.  In the Sri Palee Science Diary, in 1957- 60’s , Mr. Hubert Silva’s name will be registered in block capitals for his unique approach to Teaching Mathematics, Physical & Organic Chemistry in an exemplarily manner.  He had a sincere signature smile which we can recall even today. Even today Sri Palee past students and past students of University of Moratuwa recollect and pinpoint him for this genuine smile.  He was a person with fewer words for new faces but an excellent chemistry lecturer in English with proper pronunciation and vocal variety.  At times he was with a communicator outlook full of loud laughter and jokes, that kept the teachers & students in a happy disposition for the full period of his presentation/debriefing.

At times when there was a “wrong” answer for a question, he cleared the question again in a unique way so that the same question will never ever to surface. In clearing the ambiguity of the question for the student, a loud laugh of his was a further conclusive authentication of facts. This laugh still echoes in my mind even today. He proceeded in his Chemistry studies further and later he was a professor of chemistry at the University of Moratuwa.  Sir, we were very proud of you.

Mr. Silva showed us a critical path analysis and short cuts in solving mathematical problems both - Pure & Applied. He used to call all students by the first name, initials or pet name. A friendly Teacher who really imparted the subject content to the students with a impressive motivational approach.  Sir, we miss you.


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