Mr. Sihil M. Sirisena

Our Teacher and Art Master who maintained the image of Sri Palee in the Arts & Painting discipline should be remembered with due respect. He as an artist who devoted his full time and energy to brighten the horizons of many young Sri Palee students in his special subject of arts and painting. Every one respected him for the bright talented ARTS he was gifted with

As a young student, I remember him very well. When I approached him to have a ‘Vesak’ Card template done, in a half a second he completed the drawing and instructed me how to cut the template appropriately. Many of us were fascinated by his single line drawings “Sigiri Apsarawo” .

We saw how you respect our “Prathistacharya” Mr. Wilmot A. Perera and principal Mr. G. P. Ariyaratne & Mrs. Ariyaratne. We copied all these fine qualities from you, not only Arts and Painting instructions. As at today many of us enjoy your guided tour in arts and paintings in real life applications

Later Mr. Sihil was one the Senior lecturers of the Colombo University - Fine Arts Faculty. We are certain that the Fine Arts Faculty under graduates would have been provided with a very good cross section of Sri Palee Arts, Music and aesthetic studies.

Mr. Sihil was a very helpful teacher who still cares about Sri Palee. He will participate in any function of Sri Palee, if invited. Recently in 07th January 2008 Mr. Sihil M. Sirisena took part in an activity launch of a book by Sri Palee Specialist Teacher late Paraliya KA. Harishchandra. The book launch was arranged by our school colleague Mr. G. K. Abeyratne. Mr. Sihil in his speech revived the memory of late Mr. Harishchandra and explained further the educational environment that prevailed in Sri Palee in the 1950 era.

I can remember how fluently he expressed the Sinhala translation of ‘Elegy written in country churchyard’ by poet Thomas Grey, a dramatic translation by our renowned teacher Late Ka Harishchandra. Mr. Sihil further highlighted the experiences and association of Mr. Harishchandra. We are very proud of your contribution for that function on that day too. You did credit to late Mr. Harishchandra. You did credit to Sri Palee and Mr. Wilmot A. Perera

We attribute this few lines in order to register the gratitude for the faculties that you tried to nurture in our young minds. We as a team wish to pass on our good wishes for you and your family.

Sir, Thank you very much.


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