Mela Café

In a write-up of Sri Palee Mela and the “café” should come into the memory of any Sri Paleeian of the 1950-60 era with that associated “aroma” too. The charismatic lady English Teacher of ours : The name of Mrs. Ariyaratne registers strongly as a synonym with Sri Palee, and very specially with the Mela Cafe. Mrs. Ariyaratne was in and out of the “Café Design”. Three months prior to the Mela, she arranged to meet well-wishers, selected parents to organize resources, materials and even plan out human resources needs.

On the day of the carnival all were perfectly well in place to receive visitors. The Café Caters with delicious range of food, rice & curry, string hoppers, ice cream, fruit salads, tea & coffee. Food was served by young Sri Palee ladies clad in white Lama-Sarees and with that enticing Sinhala traditional smile. Many visitors woo Sri Palee Café and the Mela as a memorable experience. Even today I can pinpoint a few lady teachers : Mrs. Margaret Perera, Mrs. Silva, Ms. Seetha Perera, and Ms. Leela Dharmaratne as active members with Mrs. Ariyaratne in handling Café project operations. Young student ladies – Udula Kumari, Kanthi Gunasekera, Nandaleela, and Sandapali are a few in my memory recollections of the student team. I still feel that Mrs. Ariyaratne’s Management Style to organize and run the café without any resources in hand, should be studied like her “Impeccable English” by many even today.

A Human resource balance sheet of Sri Palee Mela in the late 1950-60 if surfaced today the following creditor’s names will appear very clearly : Mr. O. K, Mr. Wijeruwan, Mr. Munasinghe and Mrs. Leela Munasinghe, Mr. & Mrs. Dharmawardena, Mr. Dayananda De Mel, Mr. Wettamperuma, Mr. Opanayake, Mr. Sihil M. Sirisena, Mr. Ritigahapola, Mr. Herath. I should comment about the numerous support services staff – Water/Electricity and multi support : Podi Singnho, Tuk Shop – Kalu Mudalali, Pre Mela and Post Mela Food and Catering Service “Owner”.

It is very essential that we all should pay back our humble gratitude by Cheque to all of them for the services rendered to Sri Palee.

Now having forwarded my Sri Palee Mela Account, I must introduce an episode of feedback, comments from Horana people about the Sri Palee Mela.


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