Mr. Premaratne Athukorale

He was our Pali, Buddhism, and Sinhala Literature teacher. Mr. Premaratne married a another lady teacher – Ms. Premawathie Athokorala from the Athukorala family of Bellapitiya. This family was a family of teacher and he got married to eldest Athukorale lady teacher. Their Youngest brother: SA Athukorala – one of my best friends in that era of my school life. He used to pick me up some days in his racing cycle and we used to go to their house, enjoy a cup of tea and shared the evening with our valued teacher Mr. Premaratne at times. I could remember, Ms. Amitha – young and lovely music teacher with a fine voice practicing music late into the evening With Estraj and musical notes.

Mr. Premaratne was a special teacher to me as he conducted JSC (Junior School Certificate) Pre Qualifying Exams. At the Government Examination, his teaching was very handy and useful to us. I scored fairly high marks in Sinhala Literature, and he indicated that for me to do Arts subjects in the SSC Prep I – that he feels, that I will do well. I indicated my reservation to do Science.

Some days I used to go to their residence to attend to their faulty valve radio. I was well treated by all the family members. Mr. Premaratne was a very simple teacher with a very high degree of discipline and outlined a Buddhist philosophy all the time. He never accused anyone nor was angry with anyone. Everyone in the Bellapitiya village, and Sri Palee loved him so much for his principals and modest behavior.

My good friend and Vice Principal of Sri Palee MR. Amaradasa Athukorala shared views when we meet in Horana and reviewed old day’s episodes. He told me Mr. Premarathna’s sons are doing very well. One son is the Son Dammika is the head of Asian Region – British American Tobacco Company and other son is an executive in a Colombo mercantile organization. Though Mr. premaratne is not with us anymore, Sir your guidance and the humble procedures followed and set by you were a different type of educational source. I recall them even today May he attains Nibbana.

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