Mr. P. L. D. Perera

Mr. P. L. D. Perera was multi-duty versatile teacher with a youthful disposition. He was always looking much younger than his age and communicated with a uniquely appreciable style. Almost all boys of Sri Palee in that era had undergone his morning PT sessions. His favourite term “Expand your Chest” comes to my mind and his PT commands “left & right, left, …..left ….. left, right”.

In Sri Palee extracurricular activities he was always present, it may be a sports meet or an educational trip or any other school function. Above all in the Mela days he was with full of activity and had shown the students such a devoted attitude for work, and acted as a genuine Sri Palee promoter teacher. In his leisure time he was a practicing drama artist. During the latter part of his life he took part as a principal character in several popular stage dramas.

He participated in several Past Pupil’s Association activities and was very proud about the achievements of Sri Palee past pupils. In his retirement days, he treated students as if they were his own children. We miss you today. However our memories are fresh and sound about your contribution to us.


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