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Sunday, 28 March 2010 22:11

Mr. Ajith F. Perera, son of Mr. Wilmot Perera, had seen the website, and his comments are reproduced below. He has further provided many priceless photographs for publishing on the website. I welcome anyone copying the photos with courtesyful remarks to Mr. Ajith F Perera.

Dear KN,

Just saw your website today. Its a very interesting one and my sincere appreciation to you for all the kind references to my father. Sri Palee was his "3rd child" but we didn't begrudge him that, and did all we could to help him develop her in whatever way we could!

That is why after his death, my sister & I even arranged for the University to takeover the "upper section" which is now called the Sri Palee Campus of the University of Colombo, as we wanted to perpetuate his memory.

As a tribute to my father, I always made time to attend Sri Palee funtions whenever I was invited, in the past. It is sad that this has now ceased due to various reasons. 

My father would have been very proud had he been alive to see your site, and also the great heights you have reached!

Keep up the good work.

With Warmest regards

Ajit F. Perera

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