Updates to the Website (2011-12)

The Sri Palee Past Pupils Associations - Colombo and Horana committee members are planning out several important events for our Sri Palee College with the assistance of Indian High Comission. Some of the activities that are already lined up are :

  1. Donation of Oriental Music Instruments through Indian High Comission.
  2. To Conduct a Tagore day in Sri Palee.
  3. Few other projects are lined up - details to be shared at a latter date.
The comittee officials met the Indian High Comissionner - H.E. Ashok A. Kantha recently and the photographs are reproduced below:.

Meeting in Progress at Indian High Comission, September 2011


Presentation of Books "Sri Palee Sri Vibhuthiya"  to Cultural Center, Indian High Comission
(L-R: Mr. V. Alahakoon, Mr.  K.N.Gunawardena, Dr. S.S. Jayeratne, Mr. V.P. Abeyratne,
His Excellency, Ashok. A. Kantha - High Comissionner of India, Mr. Gamini Jayasundara, Mr. Dayananda Gallage,
Mr. Birender Yadev - Director/Counselor, High Comission of India, Mr. Nandalal Hettiarachchi)

Dr. S.S. Jayerartne and Mr. K.N. Gunawardena briefing H.E. further about Sri Palee,
and presentation of Photographic Album.


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